Baptist History II

North Florida Baptist College

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This course is a continued history of the local church from the Middle Ages to the present, with special emphasis on the Baptist movement in America.

Credit hours: 2

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Chris Fox
Chris Fox

Dr. Chris Fox is the chair of the Bible Department at North Florida Baptist College. He has been on the staff of Immanuel Baptist Church for twenty-two years. Upon graduating from Berean Christian Academy, he pursued his collegiate studies at Hyles-Anderson College under the direction of Dr. Jack Hyles where he met is wife Jennifer. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in the area of Pastoral Theology and continued his studies and received his Master of Education degree in the area of School Administration.

After graduation, Bro. Fox began teaching at Berean Christian Academy and eventually served as the Principal. During this time, he taught a few college classes; and as the college grew, he moved entirely into teaching at the college, ultimately leading to the position of Academic Vice-President. Bro. Fox was honored to receive a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Berean Baptist College.
Bro. Fox has served in the church ministry in many capacities throughout the past two decades including Sunday school, bus routes, singles ministry, academy, college, nursing homes, publications, and is still presently serving as an Assistant Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church. He is currently the director of the Sunday School department and the Nursing Home department at Immanuel Baptist Church and works with Berean Publications on special projects. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and playing the trumpet.

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